Report Date: 07/01/2008

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Lepdach's Kahlua And Cream Ml

Reg Name: Lepdach's Kahlua And Cream Ml
Reg #: HP303905/01 Breed/Variety: Dachshund
Birth Date: 04/17/2008 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Chocolate & Cream
Breeder(s): Tammy Braglin

Lepdach's Kahlua And Cream Ml
Chocolate & Cream
Lookout Mt Take The Scenic Route
HP214583/01 02-08
Black & Cream
Kreamhaus Lookout Mt Bruno Ncream
HP111154/02 01-06
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V395842
CH Jeremie Of Caprera
HM958956/01 11-04 (New Zealand)
AKC DNA #V367958
Caprera Sergeant Major
NZKC 01316-2000
Maxred Sergeant Pepper
NZKC 00568-1994
Sanneks Of Caprera
NZKC 03667-1997
Caprera Annemieke
NZKC 00302-1994
Friz Of Caprera
NZKC 06341-1991
Alexandrina Of Caprera
NZKC 07512-1985 (New Zealand)
Conversion Default
Snh Wee Bits Of Cream Ml
HP035283/04 11-04
Black & Cream
CH Han-Jo's Wee Midnight BCML
HM950116/01 01-03
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V270040
Brandachs Natural Blonde ML
HM877071/01 12-00 (Canada)
AKC DNA #V113173
CH Brandachs Blonds Hav Morfun ML
HM789185/01 06-00 (Canada)
Trillium Primrose Jo An Jo ML
HM951839/04 05-03
Foxfyre Trillium T-Note ML
HM826047/03 06-01
AKC DNA #V190326
Trillium Mint Julep ML
HM770715/04 08-01
Sugarhill & Lees' Cream Of Royal Ml Shelby
HP087612/02 06-05
Black & Cream
Reid Sugarhill Royal Romance
HP029021/02 12-03
Blue & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V291001
Stoneleigh Doodlebug
HM989870/01 03-02 (South Africa)
Black & Cream
AKC DNA #V269554
Stoneleigh Stacy Starshine
KUSA BQ015454
Tanska's Young Challenger Of Stoneleigh
KUSA CN011206
Mardachs Water Lily MLD
HM847049/02 11-99
Black & Tan Dapple
Brandachs Tache At Mardox MLDD
HM831393/01 08-99 (Canada)
Fawn (Isabella) & Tan Dapple
AKC DNA #V191322
Brandachs Picadilly Circus ML
HM831950/01 08-99 (Canada)
Black & Tan Dapple
Sugarhill's Careless Whispers Ml
HP041517/03 05-04
Black & Tan
CH Foxfyre Teckelw'd Snowman MLC
HP000291/04 04-03
AKC DNA #V245913
Foxfyre Sandpiper ML
HM790275/01 04-02
AKC DNA #V210887
Foxfyre Winter Song ML
HM869650/01 04-02
Nwbry Cedar Hills Roxy MLC
HM991844/01 06-03
CH Cedarhurst Sevenschilling ML
HM822405/03 11-00
AKC DNA #V143786
Newberry's Antique Lace ML
HM782191/01 04-02
Busy B's Choc-Cream Smores Ml
HP208619/03 09-08
Chocolate & Tan
Grendox Rocky Roads Ml
HP097347/01 08-05
AKC DNA #V374207
Outside Inn's Creme Laddy ML
HM995708/01 08-04
Water World
HM939021/01 07-01 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V163108
Marielle Count Hussar
KCR U2576403U03
Amethyst Peach
KCR V5075402V04
High Pointe's Cream Puff ML
HM740796/03 09-99
Pr's Red Flash Ms
HM643171/01 08-97
AKC DNA #V66617
Pr's Cream Puff Ms
HM515655/01 08-95
Outside Inn Lady N Velvet Ml
HP042248/02 08-04
Black & Tan
Beaky Bird's Willy Clinton
HM849802/01 04-01
Black & Tan Piebald
AKC DNA #V241290
Beaky Bird's Clinton
HM745422/01 11-99
Blue & Tan Piebald
Beaky Bird's Martha
HM601623/03 09-97
Black & Tan Piebald
Outside Inn's Lady In Red ML
HM994193/02 06-03
Water World
HM939021/01 07-01 (United Kingdom)
AKC DNA #V163108
Miss Cappa Cocomo - FL
HM759049/04 06-99
Chocolate & Tan
Kates Princess Gabriella Ml
HP152169/02 08-06
Chocolate & Tan
Banker Of Queen Hope
HP143847/01 06-05 (Japan)
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V362688
Bullet Shot Cream Cracker
JKC DHM-14802/95
Tanska Uptown Guy
Bullet Shot Cream Pajamas
JKC DHM-05613/92
Bullet Shot Wafer
JKC DHM-13907/00
Bronia Madrigal
JKC DHM-07185/98-O
Bullet Shot Yoyo
JKC DHM-16402/94
Karlfried Jp Sonia Precious Ml
HP107296/01 11-04 (Japan)
Black & Cream
Karlfried Jp Valued Alex
JKC DHM-A7127/01
Diogenes Of Strange Jp
JKC DHM-15473/97
Karlfried Jp Florence Funny
JKC DHM-61758/98
Karlfried Jp Zephyr Priam
JKC DHM-88127/99
Anthony King Of Happy Nice
JKC DHM-13858/97
Karlfried Jp Dainty Clare
JKC DHM-54681/98

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